Deputy Principals Report

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

To prepare young people to lead rewarding and productive lives in a diverse, complex and changing world we need to be truly inclusive and embrace differences so we can make sure every student is known, valued and cared for. The KHHS teachers and wellbeing team have been working on the development of a whole school diversity and inclusion policy that promotes a safe and harmonious environment in which positive, respectful relationships can grow. The vision statement is below: 

Vision Statement:  

At Killarney Heights High School, we celebrate and embrace the rich diversity of our community and promote a harmonious and just school environment in which everyone is valued for their unique background, knowledge and perspective. We recognise that in elevating diverse voices and experiences, we encourage positive, respectful relationships and create a school climate in which innovation, creativity and ingenuity flourish. We are committed to the principles of compassion, fairness, justice and equity and to ensuring that all community members are treated with humanity, dignity and respect. By fostering an inclusive school environment, we support all students to achieve their full potential. 

Killarney Heights High School strives to create an inclusive and equitable school culture that fosters acceptance, appreciation and respect for all students, regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, disability, body size, religion, race, culture, language background or accent. We will not tolerate discrimination, prejudice, harassment, bullying or vilification under any circumstances. Behaviour, language or practices that stereotype, demean, exclude, humiliate or harm others will not be accepted at Killarney Heights High School. We empower students to challenge prejudice and injustice when they see it and prepare all our students for lives as ethical and engaged global citizens in our culturally diverse world. 

Katie Rose
Deputy Principal 8, 10 & 12

Published on: 01 Nov 2022
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Teacher Biography - Blade Fuller

Blade Fuller has been awarded a scholarship of $15 000 by the Sydney Symposium Choral Foundation. This will allow him to attend the World Choral Symposium in Istanbul in April 2023, where he will attend workshops and network with choral singers worldwide. He also plans to use the funding to further his studies of a Masters of Music in the future.

Blade Fuller was encouraged by his Canberra primary school teacher to take up an instrument, as she observed that he argued less when classical music was played in the classroom.  Like all year 1 students, he didn’t like to do the working out for his maths problems, preferring to do them in his head, however when the music was played he was happy do as the teacher wanted.

As a result, he took up playing violin and viola and began singing in choirs.  This began a long connection with many choral groups and where Blade has had the opportunity to express his passion for choir music. He turned his love of music into a career, moving to Sydney to study Music Education at the Conservatorium of Music

Whilst teaching as a casual at Newtown School of Performing Arts he was also employed by the Arts Unit of the Department of Education to look after NSW Public Schools Singers.  This is a group of elite singers that perform regularly involved in performances at major events throughout the year including the ANZAC Day concerts, Opera House and Town Hall concerts, Schools Spectacular and ensembles concerts.

Blade began his permanent teaching career at Killarney Heights High School in 2016, where he has taught music to all years, one of his initiatives is the introduction of the unit on the ukulele for year 7 music.  He has also taught year 11 and 12 both Music 1 and 2 and extension music, with consistently excellent results. Having so many of his students go on to study music at the conservatorium, is testament to his love of his subject.

Although Blade has been teaching full time, he has maintained his work with the Arts Unit, conducting for the School Spectacular Choirs as well as for Sydney Philharmonic Choirs. He also sings in The Sydney Philharmonic Choir for U 30’s which performs at the Opera House in such events as St Matthews Passion and more recently The Sacred Veil. I was lucky enough to attend one of  these musical evenings before COVID hit – it was incredibly beautiful.

Hayley Emmerton

Published on: 01 Nov 2022
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Published on: 01 Nov 2022
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Iranian Advocacy Group

This student led group has joined together wanting to take action after hearing about the injustices and political unrest occurring in Iran. They have met weekly to brainstorm ideas in raising awareness, sharing news, and building awareness in the schools through petitions. They will be working towards speaking at the White Ribbon Assembly occurring later this term.

Candice Linton-smith

Published on: 27 Oct 2022
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Frisbee Friday

Every Friday lunch - all welcome - friendly banter and active participation is always welcomed.

Other Ultimate Frisbee Opportunities:

Try something new with a bunch of young people from all parts of the Northern Beaches / North Shore. Every Wednesday until March 2023 at Miller Reserve, Manly Vale. Open to all ages 7 - 17 (there is a primary and secondary division).

Try it out for 2 weeks FREE - Active Kids vouchers accepted.

Published on: 27 Oct 2022
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The Run Beyond Project

The Run Beyond Project Race 2 2022

Killarney Heights High School has run the Run Beyond Project Supporter School Program three times now, the program aims at teaching students about goal setting, resilience, and the importance of community, using running as a mechanism to do this. As a supporter school, Killarney also learnt lessons of social justice, that not everyone starts equal.

This round was the first time that male students joined the group and a record number of teachers also took on the challenge. It was also the first time that Killarney Heights High stayed together with another school that was a recipient of the charity's funds, Gulgong High School.

The Panorama Punish is a 6km mountain race on the race car track in Bathurst, with a 3km hill to start with there is the added pressure of a 30-minute cut-off time at the top. If you didn’t make it then a bus would come and pick you up to take you back down the mountain.

For 14 weeks Killarney Heights students and teachers trained together on Wednesday mornings with a high focus on hills. With great relief, all teachers and students made it to the top within the cut-off time and then had time to enjoy the scenery and cruise back to the finish line.

The Run Beyond Project is not just about running. A highlight of the trip was the epic, and loud, card game that Mr Higgs introduced us to ‘Signal’. Seeing all students and teachers come together, across all year groups, the game brought a lot of enjoyment.

This round, students raised over $5300 worth of funds for charity. The funds will go directly to those students in Australia who need a little extra help in realising their worth, lessons in goal setting, the importance of community and resilience.

All students should be congratulated for their positive behaviour and support of one another on the trip and during training. You have made Killarney Heights High Proud.

It is not too late to donate:

All students partake in an anonymous evaluation after the completion of the run. Some common themes were

The project helped me because it’s improved my resilience and commitment. I learnt how to be involved in a community”

“ I learnt that when you set your mind to it you can do anything”

“The Run Beyond Project taught me to always look at the positives and never give up”

“The best thing about the project is breaking physical and mental barriers”

“I learned to stay committed and keep on going because after when you achieve something it feels so good”

Published on: 25 Oct 2022
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Supporting School Success

Have your say on what school success looks like

Dear parents and carers,

 Reflecting on the challenges of the last few years, the NSW Department of Education is in the process of reviewing and evaluating what school success looks like now and in the future. It’s enhancing ways to support student success and wellbeing as part of ongoing school reform.  The goal is to support our schools in a way that is more responsive to their needs and priorities.   

To inform this work, the department is inviting parents and carers to share their perspectives on what the school and the department could do to improve the schooling experience. By participating, parents and carers will inform the department what is working well, what needs to be improved, and will be involved in shaping new and innovative initiatives.

If you would like to be part of the discussion, there are face-to-face and online forums being held in weeks 5, 6 and 7 of Term 4 (7 – 25 November). You can register your interest and find more information at Have your say on what school success looks like, including the locations and timing of sessions.  

Published on: 24 Oct 2022
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Gardening Club

Yr 8 students have been meeting weekly under the guidance of the school gardener Diana and SSO Candice - they have completed many projects around the school!  This has included assisting on the establishment of the Bush Tucker Garden, mulching, uprooting stumps and planting, growing and picking their own home grown veggies.  They always work super hard.

Published on: 21 Oct 2022
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Student Achievements

Ash Giddins (Year 12)  was selected to captain the NSW U18 boys indoor volleyball team. During the recent school holidays, he toured with the team playing at the Australian Youth Volleyball Championship in Bendigo competing against the best from around the country.

The team played 8 games (6 wins and 2 losses) placing 3rd in the group stage to qualify for the finals. They won the quarter final (against Victoria) and semi final (against WA) to finally face the Queensland U18 team in the grand final.

Although the Queensland team were a strong team (undefeated through the group stages), the NSW U18 boys team won comfortably to become the National U18 champions.

The players and coaching staff were extremely happy with the outcome.

Congratulations to Ash and his team!

Congratulations to Shaun Haruhara (Year 7) who competed in the 2022 Judo National School Championships on the Gold Coast in September and won a Bronze Medal in the Senior Boys Division 1 - u45kg.

A big congratulations to Year 10 student Dylan McLean who has successfully auditioned for the Schools Spectacular Orchestra for 2022. This is a highly competitive audition process, attracting some of the top music students from across the state, so it is a fantastic achievement for Dylan to be selected. The Orchestra is an integral part of the Schools Spectacular show, and Dylan will be centre stage for the entire performance. Dylan's Music teacher, Mr. Fuller, is also involved in this year's show, working with the Core Choir, an elite group of 32 highly trained singers who form the core of the massed choir.

You can see Dylan in Schools Spectacular by purchasing tickets on the Schools Spectacular website. 

Published on: 20 Oct 2022
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We would like to inform you that as a result of price increases to fresh produce and canteen goods, plus the adding of fuel levy charges from our suppliers, we have had the need to revise and increase some of the item prices on our menu.

Please see Term 4/2022 canteen menu with updated prices below.

Published on: 20 Oct 2022
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Community News

Published on: 20 Oct 2022
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Dear Parents/Carers

Please give due consideration to the shoes that you purchase for your children to wear to school. It is very important that the shoes meet both the uniform standard and safety requirements laid down by the NSW Department of Education.

In the TAS subjects it is a safety requirement that students much wear fully enclosed leather or suede shoes. Failure to do this will result in students being given an alternative task outside of a practical area.

Following from this, students with long hair will be required to place their hair in a bun. Please provide the appropriate hair ties to ensure they can participate in all TAS subjects.

If you have any questions, please contact the school Attention: HT TAS


Published on: 20 Oct 2022
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Year 9 Japanese

In Year 9 Japanese, we learnt about the work of artist, Nagasaka Mago. This artist creates pieces using e-waste (electronic waste), sourced from e-waste dumping and burning sites in Ghana. His ultimate goal is to build an e-waste recycling plant there, in order to reduce deaths from poisonous gases emitted from unsafe burning of e-waste. We then turned to our context, where plastic waste is a significant problem. Japan produces world famous designs, including packaging, but sometimes plastic is in too large a quantity. Students were provided with Japanese packaging featuring katakana, the second Japanese alphabet, which they started studying and using this term. After investigating words on the packaging, students created artworks that were similar in style to the art of Nagasaka Mago. These works are now hanging in the Japanese classroom, and immediately caught the eye of senior students of Japanese. It is always great to see the artistic talent our students bring to the language classroom.

Stephanie Rosier-Takeuchi
Japanese Teacher

Published on: 20 Oct 2022
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Year 12

Yr 12 Sign out procedure

On Thursday 10th November, between 10.00am and 12.00pm students will collect sign out forms from the A Block office, pay outstanding fees and return textbooks to the Library. On completion of sign out requirements, students will receive the Year 12 photo (if previously ordered and paid for).

Julian Aguilera
Year 12 Advisor

Published on: 20 Oct 2022
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Dates to Remember

Monday 31 October - Friday 4 NovemberYear 7 Assessment Period
Monday 7 November - Friday 11 NovemberYear 9 Assessment Period
Monday 7 November - Friday 11 NovemberYear 10 Work Experience
Thursday 10th NovemberYear 12 Sign Out Day
Monday 14 November - Friday 18 NovemberYear 8 Assessment Period
Tuesday 29 NovemberYear 6 to 7 Orientation Day
Wednesday 7 DecemberPresentation Night
Friday 16 DecemberLast Day Term 4 for Students
Monday 19 December & Tuesday 20 DecemberStaff Development Days
Friday 27 & Monday 30 January 2023Staff Development Days
Tuesday 31 JanuaryFirst Day Term 1 for Years 7, 11 & 12
Wednesday 1 FebruaryFirst Day for Years 8, 9 & 10
Published on: 20 Oct 2022
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Principals Report

Exam Time

This year we have made the decision to have formal exams in the hall for all years. All students from year 7 to year 11 will be issued with a timetable which is scheduled in their exam week, however not all subjects have a formal exam. You can check which subjects have a formal exam by accessing the Assessment Handbook for the relevant year, by downloading it from our website, for example for year 9 go to Year Information/Year 9/ Year 9 Assessment Handbook.

Levels of anxiety seem to be rising amongst teenagers, and whist it might seem strange to have students sit exams to combat exam anxiety, we believe that it is better to have exam experience in the earlier years. Exams in Year 7 and 8 are low stakes, so by the time they sit higher stakes exams in the HSC, they are used to them, and have ironed out the nerves, learned exam techniques and even what to bring into the exam room.

Exam pressure has been found to improve learning. Through exercising the brain, and enhancing neural pathways by learning content and then retrieving that information, students get better at these tasks. The HSC requires students to remember large amounts of information and then applying this knowledge to unknown questions, so by practicing this process over the years, this will mean that they are prepared for this task. Even if the HSC is not the goal, it is a worthwhile experience being able to learn something and then have this information at your fingertips when you need it.

So, how can we best make best use of the time to prepare for exams? Research tells us that learning is particularly strong when students self-test. Rather than passively reading and remembering by rote, we want our students to study by forming appropriate questions, searching memory for relevant responses, and knitting this information together into an appropriate answer.

We think this third benefit of exams is the most exciting. Exams don’t just provide a targeted, fit-for-purpose opportunity for students to demonstrate what they know: they also have the power to enhance what students know.

Hayley Emmerton


Published on: 20 Oct 2022
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Careers News

Good luck to all Year 12 students who will be completing HSC exams in the next few weeks. I wish you all the best.  I want to reassure students that there are many pathways to achieve your desired future.

There are a number of HSC Preparation Courses available at the University of Sydney starting on Monday 26th September. Please see the brochure attached.

In partnership with InspirED., UTS will also be running a series of free HSC workshops from Monday 26th September – Friday 30th September. Students need to register


All 2022 NSW HSC and ACT Year 12 applicants have had their UAC PIN emailed to them back in April. To start their UAC application students will need their Year 12 student number (issued through NESA) and their UAC PIN. Once they have applied, students can then use their UAC application number and UAC PIN to log in and manage their application. You can check and change your application as many times as you want.

If students are having problems logging in to their UAC application, the quickest and easiest way to get help is to call UAC Customer Service on (02) 9752 0200, 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

All on time UAC applications close at midnight on the 30th September, after that UAC’s processing charge increases. Students can submit an application to any course and change their preferences as many times as they like, for free. Payment must be made, however, in order to have their application assessed and receive an offer.

Please remember that the SRS (School Recommendation Scheme) Early entry scheme closes on the 19th September. The first SRS offers will be released on 11 November 2022.

Students are able to access a number of resources that may help them as they transition to the “World of Work”

The School Leavers Information service is available for school leavers aged 15 – 24, call 1800 227337 or click on the link below

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the hospitality industry. Local businesses
in hospitality, entertainment and tourism are seeking skilled, certified and motivated workers.
Cafes, restaurants, clubs, hotels, parks, recreational facilities (just to name a few) offer both
part-time casual jobs and permanent roles with solid career pathways

A 3-day course in the holidays will enable you to complete the Skill set. 

These courses are very competitive so register and book in as early as possible

WORK EXPERIENCE for YEAR 10 students is on from the 7th – 11th November 2022.

All students are expected to find an industry placement that they are interested in and attend for the 5 days from the 7th – 11th November.

There are many options such as preschools, primary schools, retail, construction and hospitality to name a few.

If a student wishes to work on a construction site then they will need to complete a face to face WHITE card safety course. It cannot be an online course as the DET does not cover the insurance for an online course. Please ring me or email me to discuss.

A wonderful opportunity is available at

Work Experience at the Reserve Bank of Australia

The Reserve Bank’s Head Office in Sydney offers work experience for Year 10 high school students. A new program has been developed and is designed to give students insight into the work of economists.

During the one-week program, students will learn about the roles and functions of the nation’s central bank and how to interpret economic graphs, as well as shadowing one of the Bank’s economists as they complete a series of core activities.

The program will run from 7–11 November 2022, and is open to students in Year 10 who are interested in studying economics in Years 11-12.

The Bank is committed to equal opportunity and places will be offered to students from different backgrounds and school types.

Applications close 25 September 2022.

Please check the Careers website

for more information or email

Julie McDermott
Careers Adviser

Published on: 19 Sep 2022
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Band News

Senior Regional Band Tour

Our Senior bands recently had a three-day musical tour to the Bathurst/Orange region.  With performances and workshops at Scots All Saints College, the Orange Regional Conservatorium of Music, and the Orange Civic Centre.  Bonding with fellow musicians during the music trivia night was a highlight for many. 

NSSWE Spring Festival

On Sunday 11th September our talented musicians played at the Chatswood Concourse as part of the NSSWE Spring Music Festival with numerous schools in the area.  It was a great experience for the students to play in a professional environment in front of large paying audiences. 

Upcoming Events

An upcoming exciting event is the Big Band performing with the Tuesday night Jazz Orchestra at Lazybones Jazz Club on Tuesday 20th Sept.  This is a ticketed event – please come along and support our talented students if you can. 

Ticket Link below:

Tuesday 20th September 2022

Both the Guitar Ensemble and the Big Band have been invited to perform at the upcoming Manly Jazz Festival on Sept 24.  We hope you can come down and support our students. 

Junior Regional Band Tour Blue Mountains Event

The upcoming Junior Ensemble tour to the Blue Mountains – also including the Guitar and Strings Ensembles will be an exciting three-day, two-night trip including performances at Scenic World and the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre and a workshop with a guest conductor. 

Interstate Tour Planning

We are in the planning stages of our week-long tour of Tasmania that will take place in Term 2 2023 with the senior bands.  This will replace the international tour due to travel restrictions still in place by the Education Dept and will include some exciting performance opportunities and amazing experiences for the students.     

Published on: 19 Sep 2022
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BushLink is a wonderful program that gives students the opportunity to work together as a team to improve the school's natural environment as well as promoting positive attitudes for inclusion and expand learning experiences across the curriculum. The BushLink team have been working with some of our students on Tuesday's and so far, it's been an enriching experience all round.

Published on: 16 Sep 2022
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P&C News

In Term 3 the P&C welcomed Susan Thomas and Tim Banning to the committee, who were both elected as Vice Presidents. We thank them for volunteering to bring their time and experience in support of the school. 

The primary focus this term has been to mobilise a working group to support the school’s review of the mobile phone policy, which Tim has helped lead. Outside of this, at our last meeting we voted to provide funding to the school for outside furniture and murals, to further enhance the school environment. Providing funding to support the school is a key aim of the P&C. Lastly, we remain very busy providing ongoing support in the day to day running of the uniform shop. 

As always, we welcome any additional support, so please reach out if interested.

Henry Willmington
P&C President 

Published on: 13 Sep 2022
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